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This blog is where I record a limited depiction of my feelings, family, and faith. My blog was recently under intense scrutiny, and so I feel this disclaimer is necessary. I try to tell my story as openly as I can, but this blog represents a cropped and narrow-viewed version of my story -- like all social media -- it is NOT the full story. Many events happen behind the scenes that are not recorded or written about, due to the sensitive nature of others involved. Life has many layers. Many layers can be shared and many cannot, and this blog is simply a layer of my life that I allow others to view, but it is not an accurate depiction of all the layers of my life.


Storms and Stills

  I am beginning a new chapter.   I have been using for many years now, and I am ready for something new. I will still use this site for my family postings... which I hope to do more frequently; but I am going to be writing on my new website called:   I will be writing about death and divorce, along with hope and faith.  Please follow me there... :)  Much love,  Mari van Ormer  

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